At BRIDGE TO INDIA, we seek to provide innovative and business-driven solutions for our clients. We do so by combining strong subject specific knowledge in our core areas of renewable energy, and more specifically solar energy with an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together the financial, technical, socio-economic, regulatory and entrepreneurial aspects of business. This combination is, to our knowledge, unique in the Indian market.

In dealing with our clients, we practice high professional standards. Internally, we believe in flat hierarchies, openness to new ideas, respect and quality in all processes. Bringing together professional business results with an interest-driven, unconventional work environment is a difficult balance to strike. However, we believe that by constantly attempting and recalibrating this balance, we can create real value and a rewarding work environment for ourselves.

We believe that facts always need to be considered in light of the context and thus combine hard market knowledge with a deep insight into the political and social environment in India. By delivering results that go beyond convention, we are able to improve on existing solutions and develop new ones. Our greatest strength is the diversity of people that come together at BRIDGE TO INDIA, their individual qualities and their ability to work together in a constructive, inspiring manner.

We are quality-orientedarrow-bottom

Providing high value for a client’s investment in our service is central to our working philosophy. We achieve this by providing solutions that are customized, business-driven, precise and in-depth and allow our client to build on our input to directly further their business requirements. We also achieve this through constant questioning, learning and improving on our internal processes.

We are purpose-drivenarrow-bottom

We look for meaning in what we do and pursue ideas that have a larger social and environmental significance. We contribute to a sustainable world, starting with India, where both the need and the opportunity to effect change are significant. We want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

We want to foster innovationarrow-bottom

We thrive on the diversity of ideas and approaches that are brought by our team of excellent people from different backgrounds. We encourage their creativity by giving them the space to explore their own ideas and try new things. In an economy as dynamic, undefined and idiosyncratic as India’s, thinking out of the box and developing new business-models is the best way forward.

We value openness and transparencyarrow-bottom

Transparency is crucial to a work ethic that rests on dynamism and entrepreneurship. Within BRIDGE TO INDIA, we ensure this by avoiding a hierarchical structure and stimulating questions and internal discussions. We believe in openly communicating our capabilities and expectations to our clients.

We are against corruptionarrow-bottom

We do not engage in, recommend or facilitate practices of corruption. This stance is in line with our aspiration to be part of the solution and not the problem in this country. We believe that there are ethically sound and constructive ways to engage the public sector that just require more thought, better communication and an entrepreneurial spirit.

We place high value on enjoying our workarrow-bottom

We like our work and how we do it. The area of work, the nature of projects, the challenges and the style of working are crucial to our sense of fulfillment. Although it may not always be possible, we are committed to ensuring that we always enjoy our work. If we do not enjoy it anymore, we will stop doing it.