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Should India reduce the 175 GW target to make it more realistic?

Recently, there was a news report that the Indian government wants to issue a single 20 GW solar tender to boost solar project development and domestic manufacturing. R.K. Singh, the new Minister for Power and New and Renewable Energy, has also publicly stated that he wants to auction 4.5 GW of wind power contracts in the next few months followed by 20 GW in the next two years for expediting achievement of ambitious clean energy targets.

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  • It is very realistic and possible. It is quite a tad above though. I feel strongly we should strive for more. Chinese module overcapacity apart, it is value for money with 2.44 for solar and 2.68 for wind, we should go the whole hog. Electric mobility and cooking is the frontier of demand which make India at par with Norwry within dacafed.