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Interactive design course on On-Grid PV Systems by GSES

The participants of the training were a mix of a retired homeowner, an entrepreneur, an investment banker and a former political consultant and many others from this field of work, all these people got together for one purpose – a desire to gain strong technical capabilities to design grid-connected solar systems and update themselves on the latest MNRE schemes. The training was fairly straightforward, easy to grasp, and did not require any advance engineering knowledge. With an energetic and interactive group of 12 students and an equally patient and knowledgeable pair of trainers, the stage was set for an enlightening and refreshing 3-day course.

  • Training featured a diverse group of professionals and consumers
  • The program covered latest policies and a solar technology overview (cells, modules, inverters, protection devices, cabling, and actual designing)
  • Industry insiders ensured a comprehensive 360° view of the market

The training started off with a basic overview of India’s solar energy policy through one of the guest speakers – Dr Bibek Bandyopadhyay, the former director of MNRE – and then jumped into the business models currently prevalent in the country. Our lively discussions followed the topics into the technical aspects of the training session with frequent stopovers to debate on-ground realities. The tools of the trade, such as the very simple, but highly useful “Solar Pathfinder”, helped us understand the basic concepts of system design as we delved deeper.

Both GSES trainers – Dwipen Boruah and Sishir Goel – covered all aspects of an on-grid solar design, from standards, design calculations, factors that affect module performance, to inverter details, rooftop mounting systems, cabling and protection devices. Despite the large volume of information presented to us in a short span of time, GSES ensured that it was easy to absorb and retain. The sessions taught us how to actually design an on-grid system and tested our learning through various exercises. Trainers ensured that the group focused on designing a high quality system instead of reckless cost-cutting mechanisms that unfortunately haunt the Indian construction market. Industry speaker Rajesh Kulkarni, GM Marketing for Hensel, stressed the critical need for proper protection (both AC & DC) on PV systems, while Chetan Vyas, a fellow attendee, introduced the group to micro-inverters.

The training ended on the 3rd day, with a lesson-cementing site visit to a 930kWp rooftop grid connected solar PV system at Indira Paryavaran Bhavan. It was a good example of large scale grid connected rooftop systems that featured all the safety guidelines and design concepts we had learnt over the past two days. Overall, I found the training a great experience.

Their next program is on ‘Solar PV best practices’ and would be held from 11-13 August. Click here for more details.

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