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Introducing Your online guide to going solar in India

Introducing Your online guide to going solar in India

With a widening energy deficit and increasing power tariffs, India’s electricity sector is in dire need of improvement and innovation. One of the main upcoming drivers for rectifying India’s energy issues will be residential solar rooftop installations, which will prove to be one of the most viable, accessible and reliable power solutions for homes and other buildings in India.

  • has been developed to facilitate and increase awareness on residential solar in India
  • The Solar Calculator, a vital feature of the website, calculates the size and cost of a solar rooftop system as per the electricity bill and rooftop area of a particular building
  • The website also provides a list of solar vendors, rooftop solar news and a discussion forum to enable discussions between solar experts and enthusiasts, developed by BRIDGE TO INDIA, is a comprehensive platform to facilitate and increase awareness on residential solar. The first of its kind in India, this website engages with prospective and existing residential solar energy consumers in order to build a network of ‘solar home’ enthusiasts in India. The residential solar energy sector will experience rapid growth and is an inevitable future for the Indian green energy market. At the moment, the key challenges to solar rooftop deployment are a lack of awareness amongst end-consumers and the lack of reliable information. seeks to address that. offers complete information for future solar home owners in India through its various tools. The website’s vital feature, the Solar Calculator, estimates a building’s solar potential based on the open rooftop area and average monthly electricity bill. The calculator immediately elucidates the system size and cost, monthly power generation, monthly electricity savings and the share of solar in total power consumption.

Once this information is received, the user can access a list of Solar Vendors accredited by the MNRE along with their region and contact information. Alternatively, a Discussions Forum is also hosted to enable interactions between existing or prospective solar home owners, experts and enthusiasts. Open to all, this forum is a platform to enable the exchange of ideas, experiences, recommendations and thoughts about residential solar in India.

The News section of the website covers all the major developments for rooftop solar in India. The news, filtered from BRIDGE TO INDIA’s market information website –, covers updates on subsidies, policies, examples and new developments on India’s rooftop solar sector.

Solar power is believed to bring about the much needed revolution in India’s green energy sector. As the most viable option for alternative energy at the residential level, solar is already being identified as the energy source of the future. According to BRIDGE TO INDIA’s analysis, a city like Delhi alone has a residential solar installation capacity of 1.5 GW. This means solar could be used to power as many as 3,00,000 homes in Delhi. ‘Going green’ will very soon mean ‘going solar’.

Visit to calculate your solar potential and know more about residential solar in India.

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