Encouraging the spread of solar power generation (both CSP and PV) and aiming for grid-parity is a key element in India’s comprehensive, long term energy supply strategy. So far, solar power has played an almost non-existent role in the Indian energy mix. However, the market is set to grow significantly in the next 10 years, driven mainly by rising power demand and prices for fossil fuels, the ambitious Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM), various state level initiatives, renewable energy quotas including solar energy quotas for utilities as well as by falling technology costs. According to our analysis, the Indian solar market presents a 10GW business opportunity till 2017.


As specific products, we publish the free INDIA SOLAR HANDBOOK (available for download) that provides a complete introduction to the Indian solar market and the opportunity it presents. For industry stakeholders that want to track the market through quarterly updates, we offer the INDIA SOLAR COMPASS – an analytical indepth report that offers analytical insights on developments in Indian solar policies, projects, upstream industry and financing. full length. For those looking for specific and more focussed answers in the market, we offer topical STRATEGY & DECISION briefs that are designed to answer a particular question of strategic relevance. Our INDIA SOLAR NAVIGATOR – an online market intelligence tool, provides a complete database of analysis, accessible anytime and anywhere, to serious industry leaders who are looking to take strategic decisions to succeed in the ever-changing landscape of the Indian market.

India Solar Handbook

The India Solar Handbook is a great way to be introduced to the Indian solar market. It covers the PV market opportunity in India providing the reader with an international policy comparison, Indian policy framework, non-policy allocations. Further, it gives the reader an insight into the demand growth and projection for PV in India. In addition, the India Solar Handbook provides a look into the domestic solar manufacturing industry in India. The INDIA SOLAR HANDBOOK is supported by sponsors that have included GIZ, IBC Solar, BOSCH and Skytron Energy among several others.
Write to us to express interest in sponsoring our future free publications.Write to us to express interest in sponsoring our future free publications.

India Solar Compass

Markets in India often develop extremely fast and in unusual ways. More recently, there is a lot of movement in the field of solar energy increasing the need for a resource that provides regular update and insights on the key drivers in the market. The INDIA SOLAR COMPASS is the BRIDGE TO INDIA quarterly that covers latest developments in Indian solar policies, projects, manufacturing and financing. Further, the INDIA SOLAR COMPASS addresses a relevant ‘Key Question’ every quarter that is of immediate significance to the market. Every issue of the INDIA SOLAR COMPASS provides a quarterly ‘Outlook’ giving projections on expected additions to solar installed capacity in the market.
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Strategy/Decision Briefs

Understanding what happens in the Indian market when observing it from afar is difficult. Information is not always available in a clear and timely manner. Key legislations may change or new incentives may be provided. Often, important developments are driven by small groups of decision-makers. Also, understanding pricing and competitive developments in such a dynamic market is a challenge. With our topical and focussed market strategy briefs, we provide clients with analytical inputs on all relevant and expected developments in the industry. This is particularly useful for companies who are in the process of observing the Indian market and have not yet made a decision on if and how to engage it.

India Solar Navigator

The INDIA SOLAR NAVIGATOR – India’s only dedicated online business intelligence tool – is designed to enable leading solar companies to take strategic decisions to succeed given the ever-changing landscape of the Indian market. It is a repository of historical as well as latest and most up-to-date accurate intelligence on the Indian solar market accessible to subscribers. It is designed to be a complete market information solution and provides a host of execution support services as well.Watch an introductory video now!

Contracted Reports

BRIDGE TO INDIA undertakes contracts to author reports for clients looking to attain specific knowledge based on a topic of their interest. We have previously authored reports for TCW and Greentech Media. Click here to buy now. INVESTING IN THE INDIAN SOLAR MARKET
It is important for international companies to understand the Indian market and with its high degree of diversity and dynamism, idiosyncratic customer preferences and distinct cultural influences. With languages and customs changing every 100 kilometres, doing business in India is about addressing local requirements and preferences.

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More specifically, the Indian solar market is driven by opportunities present under various central and state level policies each with their own requirements and procedures. Further, the market operates in a complex realm of permissions and procedures that can seem difficult to international players that are unfamiliar with such work environments. The administrative structure contains multiple governing organizations, regulating authorities and authorizing bodies.

The need for solar market intelligence

The key to succeeding in a market as complex as the Indian solar market is to be abreast with current, up-to-date and accurate market information and have access to strategic insights to make sense of the fundamental drivers of the market.
As part of Solar Market Intelligence at BRIDGE TO INDIA, we provide our clients with the most comprehensive, analytical and up-to-date research and analysis on the Indian solar market compiled through the joint expertise of our team of solar experts. Through our offering of various products, we offer our clients a range of business intelligence solutions that enable them to take strategic decisions that directly impact their success.

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We are knowledge driven. We seek to understand the larger dynamics of the Indian market, especially in our core fields: solar policies, projects, financing and manufacturing. Further, we are certain that a deep understanding of the underlying social, political and economic trends is crucial for solar business success in India. That is true for us as much as for our clients.