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India Solar Rooftop Map | 2015 Edition

india solar rooftop map 2014

date of publication:17.11.2014


India will likely see a record growth in the rooftop solar segment in the coming years. Key market drivers for this growth are: net metering policies, mandatory rooftop solar policies at the state level and the rising power tariffs. The rooftop solar market is still at an early stage with many participants and an exciting dynamic. The need of the hour is to map it. We at BRIDGE TO INDIA have done that and present the first ever India Rooftop Solar Map.

Highlights of the ‘India Solar Rooftop Map 2015’ include:

• Over 285 MW of rooftop solar projects have been commissioned as of 31st October 2014
• Tamil Nadu is the leading state with rooftop installations of over 50 MW
• Total installed capacity in the residential segment is 112 MW or 40% of the total market
• The residential market is highly fragmented and dominated by local companies

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