At BRIDGE TO INDIA, we are passionate about renewable energy.Combining German competency with local Indian expertise, we strive to excel in providing our clients with superior analysis and tailor-made solar consulting services. We support technology companies, contractors, policy makers, project developers and investors with key market insights and serve as a door opener to the complex Indian solar market through our vast and specialized network. Being ardent entrepreneurs ourselves, we thoroughly understand how to develop functioning business models and customized strategies that are crucial for success in India. Whenever beneficial to our clients, we employ our strong network in order to establish crucial contacts, acquire new information from the field, and facilitate business in a highly dynamic solar market environment.

Our consultants provide you with clarity and structure on your target market: they assess competitive dynamics, prices, customer requirements, cost-structures as well as financial, legal and political frameworks. In our success drivers assessment we analyze your risk, your competition, identify your target price and provide you with best-practice cases and customer insights. Based on these, we develop customized strategies and specific business models in close cooperation with your team. We support you in identifying and developing promising business opportunities in the Indian solar market and provide access to the right partners as well as service providers. Using our network, we map political processes and provide a comprehensive stakeholder analysis.

Solar Market Potential Analysisarrow-bottom

Due to its great and maturing market potential, India is becoming an ever-more interesting destination for foreign companies and investors. However, the many idiosyncrasies of India make the subcontinent complex and hard to assess. In fact, many internationally successful companies have faced unexpected challenges when entering the Indian solar market. As a widely acknowledged expert for renewable energies in India, BRIDGE TO INDIA is the ideal partner for developing a sound market potential analysis.

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The Indian market peculiarities often require a business approach radically different to other known markets. Be it the distinct price sensitivity, the importance of access to relevant networks or the sheer size and diversity of the market, without a systematic and strategic approach foreign companies will find it difficult to leverage opportunities in India. BRIDGE TO INDIA helps you to find the right business model and corresponding strategy to thrive in India.

Network Related Servicesarrow-bottom

Personal relationships are extremely important in India. Especially for business, access to the relevant networks is a key factor for success. BRIDGE TO INDIA has accompanied the development of the Indian solar market from the very beginning in 2008 to this very exciting take-off phase we are facing today. Accordingly, we have built a vast network of political decision makers, research organizations, international market players and local suppliers during the last years. As an established brand in the Indian solar market, BRIDGE TO INDIA can help you in getting access to valuable network resources.