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Training program on ‘Standalone Solar Power Supply Systems’ by GSES

I attended the GSES training programme on Standalone power supply systems in Delhi last week. The five-day training program was focused on technical and operational aspects of off-grid solar PV projects with a guided site visit to a standalone solar plant to give participants an informative tour of a typical PV with batteries installation.

  • Participants included system integrators, MNRE channel partners and other key solar industry professionals.
  • Participants were trained to use NREL design tool ‘Homer’ and optimize various system design parameters as per site requirements.
  • Participants were also taught the solar water pump design and installation process

The workshop covered a wide range of topics including battery and inverter sizing, load assessment, system protection, yield estimation etc. The workshop attracted a varying range of participants from solar home system integrators to MNRE channel partners. The diversity of attendees generated a healthy debate while allowing individuals to share their practical insights on the solar PV space in India.

Apart from Mr. Dwipen Boruah, a renewable energy professional with over 20 years of experience in renewable technologies, the panel of instructors comprised several guest lecturers from the industry including Mr. Manoj Pandey (St-con power controls), Dr. Indradip Mitra (GIZ) and Mr. Dharmesh Patel (Sr. Manager, Rotomag Motors), who shared their experience and expertise on relevant topics.

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Vinay Rustagi is the Managing Director at BRIDGE TO INDIA

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  • Its feels good to know about these programs and more people should focus on such programs because we have to save our precious resources by using renewable resources like solar energy for generating electricity. There are many companies in India like Rays Experts which are building large projects for solar power plants and develops and executes these large plants so that we can get electricity by using solar energy. This is a good step and people should be aware about these plans and projects